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"My work primarily concerns people immersed in activities.
I am interested in capturing a glimpse of the inner person that is revealed when they are lost in work, in quiet reflection, or caught up in a moment of ‘flow’."



Mike Best is a London-based photographer, retouch artist, and writer.  He specializes in candid portrait, lifestyle, and travel photography.  He has an informal style with an emphasis on visual storytelling and rich, natural lighting. 

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Mike started out in photography working on his high school yearbook and developing traditional film in his home darkroom. He studied film and video production Emily Carr College of Art and Design, before getting a job behind the counter of his local camera shop and spending his weekends working as a freelance photographer. An early adopter of digital photography techniques, he spent several years mastering and teaching computer graphics.

In 1997, he moved to London, England where he art directed numerous computer games, new media and animation projects. In 2014 he decided to return to his roots as a live-action photographer. Having a strong background in computer graphics combined with his traditional photography skills means that he can readily adapt to a variety of client requirements.     

When not on assignments or creating personal work, he enjoys entertaining with his wife and son at their home in South London, traveling, and going for long walks in the countryside.


Although I tend to favour working with natural light setups, I am equally skilled in studio photography. 

With a background in computer graphics I can also provide high-end image retouching and special effects.

I share my skills, expertise and techniques on my online and on my blog page

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